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Student Handbook 2021-2022 Lexington High School Profile
  801 E. Broadway
Lexington, OK 73051
Phone: (405) 527-3810
Fax: (405) 527-3814

David McLain

Grades 9,10, 11, 12
  Cliff Bass Physical Science, Chemistry
  Brittany Bearden Library Aide, Art
  Garrett Benson OK History, Govt, Outdoor Ed
  Kaitlyn Blough Special Education
  Keith Bolles Athletics
  Dawn Box English II, English III
  Alec Bryen Geometry, Interim Algebra, M.O.F.
  Karen Bunn Teachers Aide
  James Clevenger Algebra I, Outdoor Ed
  Jarod Ennis US History, Athletics
  Nikki Ennis English I, Electives
  Sue Flohr Special Education
  Jared Garrett Athletic Director, Media
  Doneta Hayes English II, IV, Creative Writing, Yearbook
  Ashley Hosek Physics, Forensics, HS Robotics
  Ruth Johnson Teacher's Aide
  Sheree Johnson Secretary, Attendance Clerk
  Angela Lind Vocal, Show Choir, Theater
  Katie Loux Biology, Anatomy/Physiology
  Ronnie Oehlschlager Intro to AG, Equine, AG Power/Tech, AG Leadership
  Ryan Perry Military History
  Dawnnie Ross FACS, Culinary Basics, Fashion
  Jamie Shepherd Band, Music Exploration
  Daniel Somers Algebra 2, Trig/Pre-Calculus
  Gena Sullivan Registrar
  Raul Trejo Spanish I, II
  Kyle Wells Computer Science, Computer Apps
  Jensen Zearley Counselor



Lexington Public Schools
Main Campus
420 N.E. 4th Street
Lexington, OK 73051
Phone: 405-527-7236
Fax: 405-527-9517


Lexington Public Schools
High School Campus
801 East Broadway
Lexington, OK 73051
Phone: 405-527-3810
Fax: 405-527-3814



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