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Forms and Applications

  Please note, these forms will be updated in July 2018.

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  Enrollment will be:
August 6,  9:00-11:30, 1:00-3:00
August 7,  1:00-6:00
August 8,  9:00-11:30, 1:00-3:00

All students will enroll at the High School Commons

**NOTE: There will be an activity fee of $10 collected this year AT ENROLLMENT for ALL HS extra-curricular activities, (grades 9-12), including band, vocal, athletics, academic team, etc.  One fee per student covers all activities

Elementary Supply List 2018-2019 (pre-k through 3)
Intermediate Supply List
Sixth Grade Supply List 2018-2019

8th Grade Pre-Algebra

The Middle School and the High School do not publish supply lists, as individual teachers will advise students of what they will need after the first day of classes.  It is recommended that you send your child to school with pencil and paper for the first day of school.


2018-2019 Enrollment Packet

First Step: Establishing Residency

 ** Please note that Affidavits of Residency will no longer be accepted as proof of residence in the district.

PARENTS - FYI - Posted Reference Forms

District Policy EK
Student Discipline, Suspension and Due Process;
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Regulation (FERPA)
Immunization Guide/Schedule
Meningitis Information Sheet
TDAP Information
Internet/Computer Usage Agreement

Student Handbooks are being updated and will be available shortly.

If you are not a resident, you must have an approved transfer before you can enroll.

Emergency Transfer Forms.  Lexington is NOT accepting emergency transfers at the present time.

Note: Non-resident Students may not enroll without an approved transfer, processed through the administration office.  Requests for new transfers will be processed after enrollment is complete for resident students and after school has been in session for at least two weeks. No new transfers will be processed during enrollment. 

OPEN TRANSFER forms need to be picked up from the administration office.  Please call beforehand to find out when the open transfer window for applications begins.  Please note that attendance, grades and behavior issues will be looked at when considering acceptance for an open transfer.

ALL new employees must pass a National Background Check.  Fingerprint forms must be picked up at the Administration office and submitted through our office to be cleared with SDE.

** Note for all substitutes**
All subs must pass an annual National Background check, which includes being fingerprinted.  Cost for this is $59 and must be paid by the substitute with application. 

Substitute Teacher Application
Support Employee Application
Application for a Certified Position


Please see the Athletics Page for forms

Model Health Exchange Notice from DOL
Activity Absence Request Form
Field Trip Application
Field Trip Permission Slip
Student Accident/Health Incident Form
Computer Repair Request
Activity Fundraiser Form
Activity Fund Claim for Services
Facilities Use Form



Lexington Public Schools
Main Campus
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Fax: 405-527-9517


Lexington Public Schools
High School Campus
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